Students, Teachers & Schools Who Have Benefited

Reading, Writing & Rhythm is a non-profit organization formed to raise funds for music education in public schools. “When we initially started this project, our goal was to raise $5,000 per year,” says Chely Wright. In the short time since its inception and with the assistance and aid from its partners, the National Association of Music Education (MENC) and Yamaha, the foundation has raised nearly $400,000 providing schools in small markets with sheet music, a variety of instruments, PA equipment, sound systems, grants to participate in competitions, to buy uniforms, and enhance music teachers’ salaries.

YEAR 2000

Wellsville, KS - RWR provided guitars to start a new guitar class, gave a new sound system, provided a grant to start a Fine Arts Dept, and gave band instruments to benefit over 50 band students.

Big Sandy, Montana - Provided a new studio piano for the school system.

Whitsett Elementary, Nashville, TN - Provided band & wind instruments for several hundred elementary school age children.

Caruthersville, MO Junior/Senior High School - Provided band equipment & supplies to benefit several hundred band students.

YEAR 2001

Forest Park, GA, Middle School - Donated a large selection of band instruments to start a new elementary music program.

Granger, Wash, school District - Donated a large number of large and small band instruments to expand their music program in a particularly needy community.

Caruthersville, MO, High School - Provided instruments and other equipment to improve the music program.

LaCygne, KS, Elementary School - Provided an autoharp for a teacher who is bringing music programs to her early education students.

Quigley, Canada - Provided a trumpet to a talented young music student in need.

YEAR 2002

Wellsville, KS - Provided a brand new studio piano for the new Wellsville, KS, Elementary school.

Lost Creek, WV, High School - Supplied a tuba with case to their needy band program.

YEAR 2003

Kotzebue, Alaska is an Eskimo village north of the Arctic Circle. The village had neither funding nor the instruments to begin a music education program. The Reading, Writing & Rhythm Foundation donated a guitar and amplifier, flutes, clarinets and saxophones to the community learning center.

A middle school in Port Gibson, MS lost their school band program due to lack of funding. The Foundation provided enough seed instruments (valued at $5,000) to allow the middle school to reinstate their music program.

A bassoon and five student guitars were donated to a small school in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho to enable the music teacher to start a children’s guitar class.

An elementary school in Columbia, SC received seven small size violins, two drums and eighty recorders to assist an enthusiastic and dedicated music teacher to jumpstart an early music learning program.

Three pianos were donated to new schools in Belton, MO.

Searcy, Arkansas has a dedicated teacher whose objective is to reach her students through country music. The Foundation donated autoharps, dulcimers, guitars, violins and recorders to the Searcy Westside Elementary School to aid her in accomplishing her goal.

A public school located in Covington, TN that focuses on the Arts, received bell kits, snares, violins, violas, and a tuba to further their music program and the school’s overall emphasis.

Pleasant Plains Middle School Pleasant Plains, Il 1 flute

Gardner Magnet Hot Springs, Ark 100 recorders

Flintville Elementary Flintville, TN Software, handbells,2 clarinet, 2 trumpet

Horseshoe Bend School Horseshoe Bend, ID 5 student guitars,bassoon

Westside Elementary Searcy, Ark 2 autoharp, 3 dulcimer, 2 guitars, 4 violins, 100 recorders

South Kilbourne Elem Columbia, SC 5 violin ½, 2 violin, 2 drum, 80 recorders

Covington Arts Academy Covington, TN 2 bell kits, snare, 2 violin, 13” viola,tuba

LaHabra Music S&H LaHabra, CA ship sheet music, books

Horseshoe Bend MS Horseshoe Bend, ID 5 guitars, Bassoon

Moab Community School Moab, UT 125 recorders

Murfreesboro Elementary Murfreesboro, TN 260 recorders

Pleasant Plains Middle School Pleasant Plains, IL 1 alto sax, 1 flute

North Road Elementary Fenton, MI 90 recorders

Kotzebue Middle School Kotzebue, Alaska 3 flutes, 1 sax, 5 clarinets, 6 rpr kits

Kotzebue, Alaska Shipping for guitar

Port Gibson Middle School Port Gibson, MS 3 flute, 4 clarinet, 1 sax, 1 tuba, 2 trumpet, trombone

Belton Middle School Belton, MO Schubert studio piano and a Wurlitzer console piano

Belton 9th Grade Center Practice Piano

All of us that work with the Reading, Writing & Rhythm Foundation would like to thank Chely Wright for her tireless efforts to continue to provide what we need to be successful in getting instruments into the hands of those who truly need them.